The Avengers “assemble” at the Oscars.

no one on the oscar’s has swagger like us

I really like how this angle has the mic split Bruce right down the middle - just like he has two sides. Bruce, and Hulk.

But look how they fucking ARE their characters:

Tony is at ease on stage, obviously, but strutting his stuff all the same. Fuck humility. I belong here, damn straight tony stark is crashing your oscars. Hand near pockets, ready to chillax with a scotch, probably more busy thinking about how good pepper looks in her red carpet attire than anything else. Sunglasses to ease his hangover headache from last night.

Steve, the proper gentleman, in his 21st century tux. He is not uncomfortable, but hes never been one for the spotlight all the same. Straight back, shoulders firm, smiling gently.

Bruce is a fucking giddy kid, “holy shit, im at the oscars, this is incredible, i bet i could scan the brain waves of every celebrity and brilliant directing mind here for similarities”

Clint has his hands near his mouth, a bit of a worrier. Hes not unsettled, but he sees better from a distance. Certainly not liking the center stage.

Nick fury is done with your shit.

That tweet is so fake cause we all know Punk would never use the wrong “than” hes too much of a granmar nazi

listen to the wyatt family, boys...makin' outrageous claims. sounds stupid to me.




To everyone  complaining about the fans last night that were chanting CM Punk’s name during other wrestlers matches, I get your reasoning for feeling it’s rude and disrespectful to other superstars, but ask yourself honestly….were you this upset a week ago when fans were chanting “Daniel Bryan” during other matches? How about when they were chanting for ‘JBL’ and ‘Jerry Lawler’ during the Alberto Del Rio and Kofi Kingston match? Let’s broaden it up a bit here…if it’s rude and disrespectful to chant another wrestlers name during a match, how about chanting “This is boring”, “This is awful”, or “You Can’t Wrestle”?

Fans pay for their tickets for WWE shows just like they do for any other sporting/entertainment event. I’ve always been of the belief that if you pay to go to these shows, you have a right to cheer, boo, chant whatever you want, or sit there quietly. It’s your privilege for spending your money to go to the show. Much like I disagree with major league athletes who chide their fans for booing them at home (hey, you don’t like it, play better) I dislike fans policing fans for cheering things they don’t agree with. 

That being said, I have a real problem with double standards and it seems like there is certainly one brewing here with the backlash against fans chanting CM Punks name at last nights RAW. Personally, I don’t care one way or the other, I just hope that if you have a problem with that, you are consistent in your dislike of fans chanting anything that can be construed as rude or disrespectful.